May 2020 Santa Clara Community Garden Update

Garden history/Status – Santa Clara Community Garden (SCCG) was established in 2012 with a cooperative agreement between Santa Clara Community Organization, St. Matthews Episcopal Church, and Huerto de la Familia.  Neighbors built the garden shed and put in a water system for the garden, and started with 20 garden plots.  Since then the number of plots in the garden has doubled and with the assistance of the compost group there are more plots being added.

Compost – The corona virus put a halt to planned public composting workshops supported by OSU Master Gardeners, however, individual composting and soil building has been going on with social distancing and safety.  There are several hot compost builds by Craig and George, Mary has been collecting veggies, and Bonnie brings coffee grounds to mix with the piles of leaves we are moving.  Gardeners may use leaves on their plots and participate in composting. Lane County is beginning to open up, and compost workshops will be announced when the coronavirus restrictions allow.

Where to put your compostable garden waste – There are two large wire bins just west of the garden shed for clean vegetable matter for composting.  All non-compostable materials need to go in the large wire bin east of the metal shed on the south fence.

Water – The water system is fully up and running, with a new faucet on the pantry shed.  Please keep any eye on the water faucets throughout the garden to be sure they are not dripping or leaking.  Water is the biggest expense for the garden.

Flowers – Lily and George (with contributions from others) have planted the flower bed along the parking area.  Please remember to plant (or transplant) sunflowers around the garden.

Tomatoes available – The tomato plants near the entrance to the garden shed are available to all gardeners.  Any plants left under the tree are for all to use, unless otherwise marked.

Bindweed Reminder – Please pull bindweed out between plots and in the paths, along with other weeds, and put in the garbage or debris bin on the south fence.

The Garden Shed has a new entry lock box.  Please let Peter know if you have a problem with it.

Rototillers and tools – The electric cultivator and gas rototiller in the shed are available for all to use, if operation and safety are satisfactory.  Other tools are for all to use also.  Please clean soil and plant matter off the blades after use so the next gardener has a clean start.Dogs are not allowed to run through the garden.  There have been reports of young plants being damaged.